happy little fishies

This page is dedicated to my hobby of breeding fish and other aquarium life. Yes this is experimenting due to trail and error of methods and the punnet squares I am studying, BUT I care about all of my fish, everything is 100% humane.

Surprisingly this hobby is pretty fun and interesting. Watching life grow and thrive with your help is rewarding. I hope to share these exciting moments with you. However, It can be frustrating starting which is why I decided to write. Many times I google a question about breeding fish at the level I am there’s not much data. So I hope weather you just enjoy fish or dabble in this hobby yourself, you find my articles helpful.

Also, many of my articles are updated on a regular basis. I do my very best to be accurate and precise in these posts. It’s like my personal lab notebook that I am sharing with the world. With that note. Due to the quantity of fish I have and problems I run into, many of the articles will be unfinished and its for the better. I am working through these things in real time. I am human I will make mistakes but I am honest. If I state something inaccurate please correct me. I want to learn. I am a student. I do not have a degree yet and I honestly have never done this professionally before. I want to be accurate while explaining my findings. With that said, please feel free to share in the comments your findings, thoughts and ideas.


“I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people.”

-Bob Ross